A Qualified Home Buyer In Atlanta

Atlanta House Buyer Inc

Buying and selling houses in the Atlanta Georgia Area. Atlanta House Buyer is a qualified home buyer in Atlanta interested in purchasing homes throughout the area in 2010 and 2011.

If you are interested in selling your home, own a home in the Atlanta area and are looking for a house buyer in Atlanta, contact Atlanta House Buyer.

Call Toll Free
24 hr Recorded Information:
1-888-711-5185, ext.1



Often in less than a week, cash for properties, as is sales with no repairs necessary. A home buyer in Atlanta and surrounding areas offers a fair price.

  • Avoid putting your house on the market entirely
  • Avoid disturbing your tenants, we can meet elsewhere
  • Avoid relying on real estate agents and their commissions
  • Avoid low-ball offers, time-wasters, and "looky loos"
  • Avoid doing fix-up work; sell it as is
  • Avoid anymore phone calls from needy tenants
  • Avoid unqualified buyers, will they get a bank loan?
  • Avoid evictions; problem tenants
  • Avoid very costly vacant house insurance

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